The Light

by Moon Days

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released April 19, 2015

Engineered and Mixed by Mike Britt
Mastered by Mark Peteritas at Working Man's Productions
bass by Joe Fuscia
trombone by Ben Schroeder
Photograph by Matt Conroy

All Songs and Lyrics by Moon Days, who are:
Eric Bauberger -guitar, vocals
Jake Fuscia -flute, keys, percussion, vocals
John Mosley -guitar, vocals



all rights reserved


moon days Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

We hail from Philly. We like to make music. 1/3 of us really like cats.

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Track Name: Put Me Out
Walking around like animals
Shouts in the air are fluent
The fun you have is so flammable
Movin' along like a burning cloud
Well put me out

The sirens sound uncountable
Smokin' the air that you ruined
Turning around what was capable
Now burned, and ashed, and you're crumbling down
Well put me out
Put me out

I know you saw me in plain sight
I'll be here while you're on fire
Writing songs, if you must know
About the times I will forgo
Well put me out
Put me out

Walkin' around like animal
Don't @#$%^&* care, you're foolish
The fun you have is so flammable
Movin' along and you won't stop now
Well put me out
Put me out
Track Name: I'm Happy
I'm happy when I'm outside.
I'm happy passing the plate.

I'm happy when the sun shines.
I'm happy it's not too late.

Come talk to me and we will see
just how you plan to feel sad now.
Come take a ride inside my car and
we will see how strong bad feelings really are.

I'm happy when you're around.
I'm happy you're still with us.

I'm happy I have been found.
I'm happy you're suspicious.


I'm happy when I'm alone.
I'm happy when I'm not thinking.

I'm happy with what I've sewn.
I'm happy your ship is sinking.

Come breathe the air and you will see
That sadness in this world ain't fair.
It ain't fair...
When you're surrounded by the sun
And nothing matters anymore it's hard to bring yourself down.
Track Name: He Will Be Here Tonight
He's known her for quite some time
In his sight, in his mind
He will be here tonight
We all make mistakes sometimes
Please forgive, be divine
And he will be here tonight

Cause' he loves her
No one can tell him otherwise
And he wants her
He always will til' the day that he dies
And he needs her
If their love was shot, he couldn't lie
He never will for the rest of his life

He knows she'll always be fine
More than fine, chills his spine
He will be here tonight
He'll hold her more, close this time
They'll clash again, humming chymes
And he will be here tonight
Track Name: Coincidence
I was locked up in a cage
and you had swallowed the key.
When I emerged from the cave
the sun was peaking through the trees.

When you appeared before me
I sought out something to believe.
When you showed your face to me
it was some form of relief.

When coincidence is too strong a word, baby please
Walk me down the path
Walk me down the path
I don't know where we're going, but
won't you walk me down the path?

And when I look back on this day, share a laugh with myself
Though my dreams may tilt and sway, at least they're not stuck upon a shelf.
When coincidence is too strong a word, baby please....

And if I ever find it, the light you shown on me
would never be forgotten, if you could only see.
If you could just imagine the impact it's had on me.
A feeling so euphoric, a whole new way to be.

Your significance is greater than I'd heard, baby.
You're magnificent, you're what I'd prefer, baby.
When coincidence is too strong a word, baby,
Track Name: Is This The Afterlife??
I'm looking down upon the stars
My world's been upside down so far
Shimmering below and now
I stuck my head up from the ground

I was following you
Is this the afterlife?
Been but a few
They were such a sight
Given the cues
It's just not my time

The worms were coming to my head
Like everything your mother said
Dare you question her again?
Cause you're just drowning in the rain.
Track Name: The Light/Sea of Trees
Won't you ask me what I'm doing here?
You mustn't show. Are my eyes still with fear?
You cannot know what's here and coming now
But I'll still go and hear it coming loud

Stand right back up once you've fallen down
I have to shoot to win, I have found
You know what's right, you see it all around
I'm still worried that I wont see her around

I can't just see her around
I wouldn't think straight anymore
This can't happen, you see?
No, ah, yeah!

Won't you watch her there with shining eyes of brown?
Won't think of then, all I can see is now
You feel the light, you feel it all around
I'm not worried that I won't see her around

She can't just see me around
She wouldn't think straight anymore
This can't happen, you see
The Light!
Track Name: Delaware
If you're going out for the night, please leave on the light.
If you're going out for the night, please give me a ride.
If you're going out for the night, please put up a fight.
Please put up a fight.

Everybody knows.
Every way it shows.
It's just the way things go.
Like the water flows.

The Delaware is deep.
The Delaware is cold.
And if you want to pass, you must be bold.

But it's been crossed before;
Just before a battle.
And if you want to pass, you'll need a paddle.